Crowd Sourced, Crowd Funded Brewing

Have you ever wanted to own your own micro-brewery. Now you can get the experience of being a craft beer producer for a fraction of the cost and without all the hassle. Wisdom Brewing is a crowd funded and crowd sourced brewery, where every decision about each beer is made by our dedicated investors. Investors provide more than just funding, they provide their ideas on the style of beer we brew, the names we give them, the label designs that adorn them and even the packaging that gives the beer its personality. Along the way you can help out in the brewery or enjoy a beer while discussing what beer to make with your fellow funders.

How it works

1 – Fund

Production of each brew by Wisdom Brewing is crowdfunded by our investors. As a brew funder, you take ownership of one of our beers, along side other craft beer enthusiasts.  It’s like owning your own micro-brewery, but without the massive start up cost!


2 – Create

Stout or IPA? Bottles or Keg? What do we call it? Together with your co-funders, create awesome craft beer. Every aspect is up to you, from the beer design to label design. The beer then goes into production at a leading micro-brewery with production coordinated by an experienced brew master.


3 – Learn

Wisdom Brewing will provide you with all the resources you need to get a grip on what it takes to make a great beer. On our website and our crowdfunder events, you will get the lowdown on hops, malt, yest and everything else that can shape the wisdom brew that you are a part of.


4 – Have a Blast

Wisdom Brewing is all about real world fun. We give you plenty of opportunities to have fun with your co-funders, from brewery nights, launch parties, “research” tasting sessions or perhaps even helping out in the brewery during the brewing process. Get Involved!

5 – Sell

Once production of each brew is finished it will be available in bars and shops across your city. Imagine the joy of seeing the beer you own on tap in your local pub. As a co-funder you will also have the chance to buy the brew at a discounted rate, so you can stock up the Esky at your next BBQ.


6 – Recoup

You’ve put in all the “hard work”, and now it’s time to reap the rewards! With a passionate team of funders spreading the word, each brew is sure to be a smash success. And as a funder, you receive a cut of the profits. If you spend it all on beer, that’s OK!


Fund a Wisdom Brew

Melbourne Brew #1

Melbourne Brew #1 has closed for funding. This beer is now ready and available for purchase!

Melbourne Brew #2

Melbourne Brew #2 is now closed for funding. Our team of funders are having a blast designing our next beer.


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How much beer do I get when I invest?

None. Though of course you can buy as much as you want, and you will get a discount.

Am I investing in the whole brewery or just one beer?

Just one beer. Just like each traditional brewery has several different beer, so does Wisdom Brewing. Of course you are welcome to fund more than one beer.

Who makes the beer? Are you home brewing in your back shed?

No way! We are working with some of the best micro-breweries around. They already have a track record of making great beers, and have the facilities to produce high quality product.

How long does the whole process take?

That’s up to you and your fellow co-funders! We will give you the option to extend production or “take the money and run” at several points during the process. However each brew isn’t intended to last forever, and we will look to wind things up after a beer has been on sale for around 3 months.


Unfortunately, there is a reasonable amount of truth in this! 😀 ...

'Craft Beer Knob'.

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Our debut crowd-sourced and crowd-funded beer, Collective Sessions, is available now at what is without doubt the best craft beer retailer in the area.

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